Pioneers of Safety Training

Safetycon Oy produces training and solutions for safety development.

What We Do

We create a safer everyday life, where people know how to act in situations that require safety skills. We offer official work permit card trainings, expert service and customized safety training. Our services includes the self-developed virtual learning environment Safetycon360, which is also used in trainings. We produce customized training materials and virtual environments for customers. We serve private and public sector.

Safety Training

A wide selection of training courses with years of experience


Virtual environment for the support of training


Our Core Values


Our situationally aware and judicious staff works in a solution- and goal-oriented manner in all situations.


The safety of people and companies is our main priority. We take care of security at different levels, including insurance coverage and information security.


We handle the tasks professionally and on schedule. Confidentiality is a self-evident value for us.

Some of Our Clients